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#1 Employee Wellbeing platform

Do you really care about the mental well-being of your employees? Then Wanderfly is for you.

Elevate your workplace well-being and unlock the full potential of your team
Wanderfly offers employees a safe space to discretely reflect on their mental well-being, building towards a great place to work, based on science backed questions, all integrated within Slack
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Employee stress is taking its toll
More employees are
feeling stressed and
15% of employees struggle with mental health
issues directly related to stress not managed
effectively in the workplace.
38% additional employees who feel anxious, unmotivated or super stressed.
81% employees who want a solution that is instant and present on the go.
HR and Team leads lack the insights to act effectively
70% of employees indicate management isn't
improving well-being in the workspace effectively,organizational causes of stress are oftenoverlooked.
80% of employees would be more loyal to employers who support their well-being.
Organizations pay the
$1500 per employee per year is spend on stress
related cost.
86% of employees indicate they are more likely to
leave if well-being is not supported.

What Wellbeing by Wanderfly offers


What you can expect


Mood Tracking & Quotes

Stay on top of employee morale with our intuitive mood tracking and motivational quotes feature, offering insights into daily fluctuations and trends to promote a positive work environment.


Perceived Stress Level Checker

Gauge the pulse of your team's stress levels in real-time with our stress level checker, providing instant assessments and alerts to address potential burnout and enhance employee wellbeing.

Wellbeing Companion

AI Therapy

Empower your team with confidential and personalized AI therapy sessions, accessible anytime, anywhere, to support mental health and resilience in the face of challenges.


Monthly Mood and Stress Report

Gain valuable insights into your team's emotional wellbeing with our comprehensive monthly report, featuring detailed analyses of mood trends and stress levels to inform targeted interventions and foster a healthier workplace culture.

Our "Secret Recipe" ✨

Unlike other tools that merely scratch the surface, our app dives deep into employee wellbeing and mental health with comprehensive features like mood tracking, stress questionnaires, and AI therapy, setting a new standard for personal growth and happiness.


Our happier and healthier teams

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